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Our company expanded its activity in aerospace and defence in 2007, cooperating with resources coming from this field.

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The first field of action was in range of specialized training, realizing projects togheter with Finmeccanica Group and Foreign Ministry. Later we realized a master’s programme with La Sapienza University of Rome “Aerospace Engineering School” partnership, sponsored by the Italian Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This programme qualified the first 15 aerospace engineers of Iraqi academic history and it is leading up to 5 PhDs which will be yearly conferred to just as many Iraqi engineers, coming to our academic organization from September 2014 to deepen their scientific knowledge. During the master programme a micro-satellite for the earth examination called “TIGRISAT”has been built, under La Sapienza University and Astetrasparenti direction, which is the first Iraqi made satellite. .


TIGRISAT is going to be launched in June 2014 from Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakistan and it will be monitoring the sand storms evolution on Iraqi area. Its images will be simultaneously sent to two receiving and analysing sites, one in Rome and the other in Baghdad. TIGRISAT programme, in addition to being a key step of aerospace science in Iraq, is essential moment of rebirth national technology in collaboration with Italy, selected, thanks to Astetrasparenti.it, as favourite technological partner, despite the competition of qualified institutions, especially Japanese and US. TIGRISAT programme was honored by the United Nations in 2012, as the best example of international cooperation in science.



In June 2014, the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakistan, will orbit the satellite "Tigrisat", which will transmit its images to two ground stations, one located in Rome and another in Baghdad. This launch concludes the construction phase of the Master in Aerospace Engineering made ​​for the Iraqi Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (read the details in the Portfolio section ).

In April 2014, Astetrasparenti.it S.r.l. concluded a preliminary ATS with the University "La Sapienza" of Rome, Datasel Srl and GAUSS Srl, for the realization of a air-launched rocket project for the orbit location of mini satellites, called "Malmisat". Yuzhnoye, a Ukrainian company of design and construction of civil and military launchers, promised its technological contribution to the Malmisat group. This company, with its 4,500 engineers and about 15,000 workers and employees, is the largest manufacturer in the world in the field of missiles, having designed and built, in 60 years, all the civil and military pitchers of the former USSR. The Malmisat project was presented to benefit the public funding from L.808/85, intended to strategic projects for national defense. The project duration is 24 months, covering part of 2014 and 2016 and throughout 2015, and will lead to the first air-launched missile for civil purposes final design, in Italy.

For the current year the presentation of a project for the construction of mini-satellites with electro-optics abilities, communication and radar observation is expected to be submitted, in partnership with one of the Italian police forces. The use of mini satellites is proposed by our company and its partners, to meet the need for immediate deployment in case of humanitarian and natural emergencies. The study design of mini satellites hold some Finmeccanica group companies interest, working in partnership with our company.


2012 - 2014

In 2012 Astetrasparenti.it Srl, in collaboration with the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, University "La Sapienza" of Rome has made ​​a Master in Aerospace Engineering for Iraqi engineers. The Master was concluded in December 2013 with the awarding of aerospace engineer qualification to 15 mechanical Iraqi engineers. During the Master, participants built, under our coordination, a micro electro-optical earth observation satellite, with specific definition to the motion control of sandstorms, in the Iraqi desert. In June 2014, the polygon Kazakh Cosmodrome, will orbit the satellite "Tigrisat".


In 2009, we contributed to the realization of a course, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Task Force Iraq, as part of the reorganization of the new Iraqi Armed Forces, which has related to the implementation of correct purchase methods of strategic materials. As part of the course, Astetrasparenti.it Srl, in addition to providing all the teaching staff, oversaw the publication of the book " Market Trends in Strategic and Defence Industry ".


In 2008 we contributed to the realization of a course, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Task Force Iraq, as part of the aid provided by the "coalition of the willing" to the rebirth of the Iraqi state. The course has trained a group of air traffic controllers, for the management of civil aviation on Iraqi airspace. The training lasted six months and was carried out by Astetrasparenti.it Srl in collaboration with Isinteg Srl and Selex -SI SpA, a Finmeccanica company.


In 2007, we contributed to the realization of a course, financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs/Task Force Iraq, for the training of military secure and /or encrypted communications operators. The course lasted for six months and was aimed at police forces of the new-born Iraqi state.

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